“There Are Things Ye Know Not Of.” Jesus

Thinking about the first steps to end suffering.

Would you be so bold as to admit there are things you don’t know? What about science? Do you know everything about everything? Could Jesus possibly have known things he couldn’t tell the people about 2,000 years ago? Maybe they were without an education and could not have conceived of too much information. Maybe they couldn’t read and write. What do you think about the above verse?

Could it be that He knew a great deal of science? Could it be that he was receiving “downloads” from God? Could it be true that current science facts are true about our world being in a state of vibration? Could there be more to this “vibrational” thing that we don’t know about?

They say we can “feel the vibes” if we get around a person harboring ill feelings and attitudes. Have you ever seen a dog wag his tail when a sweet and loving person comes around, and the same dog gets all mad and shows his teeth when a different person comes? Do you think the dog could possibly be feeling the vibes of that person?

The modern revelations about these vibrations is this: Our thinking causes our own vibrations to be low with the negative and sad thoughts. Our positive and joyful thoughts cause a higher vibrational frequency. I have heard it said that when we are sad and depressed, crying and grieving, then we “attract” more of that very thing.

Have you ever had the experience in your lifetime of getting “aggravated” and thinking about someone who is making you mad? Then you think more, and more of all the other stuff accumulating on your mind as the offenses grow and grow. Can you see how you “riled” up your own self? Of course, the bad guy did the bad things, but it was you that began to emit the “riled up” feelings. Right?

We still have control

So, this tells us that no matter what is done to us, we still have control of whether we will choose to be angry and agitated, whether we will feel it for just a moment and dismiss it, or dwell on it for an extended amount of time. This is up to us; our reactions are up to us. We can feel crippled from here on out, or we can decide to overcome it somehow.

Divine Solution: We can decide to overcome it.

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Concentrate.
  3. Feel as if you are speaking to your guardian angel, or guide, or God.
  4. Say this:

“I forgive the people who have hurt me.” When someone’s image comes to your mind, say “I forgive that person”. Do this even though you might feel anger and pain.

3 Replies to ““There Are Things Ye Know Not Of.” Jesus”

  1. One of the best things I have all day… I can related to that point of how we rile up, when someone does you wrong and you keep reminding yourself of the other things they have done to you. 

    After all we can’t get out prayers through to God if we have hatred and sins we have not forgive as we were taught to pray saying, ” forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.” The bible says be angry but don’t let the sun go down on you. Thank you this was really helpful.

  2. Wow! This is really awesome to see here and I’m thankful you have shared this. Forgiveness isn’t something very many people can do but learning to live and behave like Jesus is something great to see here. It is indeed true that we reflect our decisions. If we want to be angry over a situation or just let it all go. Thanks for sharing this. Though the way you presented this is rather unconventional but it is still great to see

  3. Great post here and thankfully you shared. Surely, no one can know it all and only the little that we know of Jesus is what we use in referencing him as the guide to true faith and behaviour. Our behaviours is truly a product of what we want it to be like going by the little we have taken from Jesus. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Thumbs up to you

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