The 10 Most Dreadful Mistakes Abuse Victims Make:

1. They believe the lies told about them. “You are so dumb, you are so bad…”

2. They believe the lies they tell themselves.  “I am inferior to other people”

3. They feel unworthy of love. “I was abused and used so now I am unlovable, no one wants me.”

4. They think God must have allowed it.  Some preachers tell untruths about our Creator.

5. They don’t know they are learning life lessons, or for what reason.

6. They don’t know that help from higher beings is available.

7. They don’t know that intuition can be a guide

8. They don’t know that they can learn higher and better ways of thinking.

9. They don’t know the “big picture”.

10. They don’t focus their thoughts on what they do want, but rather the emotional pain they don’t want.


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