According to the “downloads” many gifted channelers are having, here are some of the lessons we can learn which will change our lives.  These lessons are obtained through various spiritual connections with Ascended Masters and Higher beings.  One cannot deny these points are positive and something a “Higher” more evolved being would say.  Check your heart, ask if this could be true.   These Higher Beings who give these messages are from Abraham, Jesus, Saint Germaine and others.

1. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

2. Dispose of negative beliefs of un-deservingness.  They are telling us that we cannot be unworthy.  We are simply here learning lessons which we choose to learn.

3. Focus on getting increasingly better with love and forgiveness for yourself and others.

4. You feel bad when you judge other people. The emotion you feel as “bad” is an indicator that this judgment you are making is not what the Divine feels about this person.  So let go of judging.

5. Discipline and train your mind to let go of negative thoughts. Your negativity draws to you more negativity just like a magnet.

6. Begin to see all situations, people, and events from a positive perspective such as understanding that all people are valuable because each person is a spark of God whether they know it or not.  Search for a hidden value in all things.  We are being told that we are actual brothers and sisters.  All people, with different color, different beliefs, different economic status are all loved and valued. So, we must develop sensitivity to others and even the animals because we are all valuable.

7. All people are on their own journey to the Light, whether they know it or not.

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