The Contrast


We came to earth to observe the contrast. This refers to the difference between the good and the bad. Have you heard all the stories about the devil? What about demons? A long time ago, we had no education, no science, no newspapers, no phone, no Internet, no books or radio or television. How could teachers in the ancient days tell about the good and the bad? We didn’t know much back then.

According to the people who have had near death experiences, they report being informed that we chose this life for the purpose of accomplishing certain learning experiences. These experiences of life are for growth and spiritual development. We have choices here on earth so that we can gain experiences of life which cause us spiritual growth. We chose what life would be like before we started this life. We chose our parents because of the lessons we wanted to learn in this lifetime.

A Journey Away from Darkness Toward More “ Light”
When I first heard this, I felt that it made so much sense. That’s exactly what is going on. These near-death experiences of many people reveal new information they received while “on the other side”. See for yourself all the presentations you can find on YouTube and in books. They report that we came here to learn how to love better. There are many lessons we can learn if we decide to.

We are Evolving Toward Love, the Highest Level
Our goal is to learn to love more and more, going higher and higher. This concerns forgiving others of what they have done to hurt us. We choose how to respond to every situation. Each response will bring us closer and closer to the growth we are seeking, or we can choose to stay at a stand-still. In responding to relationship problems or situations, no one can cause us to choose bad behavior of any sort. It is our own choice. The bottom line is that we individually choose our lives. We choose to progress toward the “Light” or choose the “darkness”.

Let’s take children, for instance, one of the first things they learn is to share. Have you seen such behavior? Kids have many squabbles as they experience the “opportunity” to choose to share. This lesson comes up over and over until they begin to understand the pain of not sharing is greater than the sharing.
Ask yourself if you hold the following beliefs:
• I am not lovable
• I am not smart
• I am poor
• I am unable to get a job
• I can’t love like I should
• I can’t forgive like I should

From “the outside,” a person violated you, hurt you, used you, was unkind or unfair. Did you create the belief that you must be “worthy” of this mistreatment? When you see the continued drama in your life, it is an accurate reflection of your beliefs. When you accept this drama, realize that you created the belief.

“I am no longer as good as everyone else since such and such happened”.
When you accept the belief, it moves it from outside to inside. It is from this “inside” that you change the belief. Powerlessness Is believing that something outside of yourself must change before you can be happy. Your happiness lies within you only, not in another person, or circumstances, or the other person’s behavior.

Self-fulfilling prophecy. When you believe no one loves you because of your unworthiness, you will see life turns out that way. It’s like something inside tells you, “See there I told you no one loves me”. It all started with abuse. Then you began to believe the lie that you were worthy of being hit, rejected, and neglected. After you began to believe the lies, more dramas came that matched your belief. This is the way life is when you believe the way you believe.

Divine solution: Close your eyes, concentrate. “Pretend” as if you are speaking to your guardian angel, or guide, or God. Say this:
“I desire to know more about how spiritual things really are. I want any incorrect beliefs to be revealed to me somehow. Then I want to believe only the truth.” This is how you “ask” for Divine help.

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