God Isn’t Mad

Have you ever heard of an NDE?

That stands for “Near Death Experience”. These people who died are said to have “kicked the bucket”, or “passed away”, or “their spirit left their body”. They were brought back by doctors and tell of what happened to them. And no, it’s not just brain hallucinations!

God is not mad at us!

They all say the same thing, that God is not mad at us! The message to each one of us is that we are loved more than we can imagine, and our Creator is not mad at us!

Humanity often avoids spiritual development because we think we must straighten up first. We think we must become perfect before even daring to listen to any messages that could possibly be from the “spirit realm”. This is a false belief.

The old folks in some churches used to say that all the revelation stuff is passed away.  Well, where did they get that bright idea? Some man just made it up and started preaching it.  Also, other religions say that no other revelations can come unless it was from a certain prophet who came at a certain time in history.  But, if you knew that you had an “angelic message” for you personally, would you pay attention, or would you tell the angel to go away? Of course, you would want to hear the message!!

Get rid of all false beliefs that you have as soon as you realize it. For instance, if an idea comes to you that you think you are unworthy to be loved and respected, acknowledge that thought and say to yourself, “it is untrue that I am unworthy of love and respect. I am loved by the Creator. I am learning to receive more “downloads” every day!”

Replace false beliefs with the truth. A great source that reveals the limiting beliefs you may be holding is A Course in Miracles. If you sign into YouTube, look up Tina Louise Spaulding and see her daily commentary, you will be glad you did!  It is amazing to discover that we can rid ourselves of beliefs that hold us back in life. All it takes is a decision to listen for just a few minutes to this inspired collection of instructions. Then, contemplate what you learned. Take notes and review these ideas as if they are “golden messages”.

Divine Solution:

    • Close your eyes,
    • concentrate
    • Feel as if you are speaking to your guardian angel, or guide, or God.
    • Close your eyes and take a deep breath, look inside your being, your consciousness, your real self, sincerely say :
    •  “I am desiring to know if I have any false beliefs that are interfering with my life.
    • “Please let me know what I need to change.”
    • When an idea comes to you, think about it. That idea that came to you is your answer.