This book is like a workbook. You will have opportunities to write down your thoughts and desires and other notes. You will learn many things of which you might want to write them for review.

The key concept to remember is to FOCUS. In learning to focus, you must continuously hold what you want in your mind’s eye; not in a way that you think of its absence, but a way in which you think of it on the way to you. If you ask, you will receive, but focus is required.

You will be able to see how your life is changing once you retrain your thoughts from negative to positive. This will make a great book to review at a later time, to see how far you’ve come, if you record your thoughts here.
In each lesson, you will discover a “Divine Solution”. This is an example of prayer, or a confession, or a statement of truth. This is to help stimulate the reader to vocalize,  particularly in the heart,  maybe even silently, what you need to say as you pour out the thoughts of your heart, knowing you are heard and answered.

Never allow doubt or skepticism  to get in the way of your success. It is within your ability to stop thoughts from causing you self-sabotage in this training.