away on a jouney to the Light

You are on a journey to the Light at the end of your path.  Some people are not as far along as you. Some people are farther along on their path than you. This is why we don’t try to change people. We just accept where they are.  Total acceptance for our fellow mankind is one of the first steps to progression on our own path.

We came to earth to observe the contrast here. If you never identify the bad, worse, and worst, how can you know good, better, and best? This refers to the difference between the good and the bad.

How could teachers in the ancient days tell about the good and the bad? A long time ago, we had no education, no science, no newspapers, no phone, no Internet, no books or radio or television. We didn’t know much back then. Have you heard all the stories about the devil? What about demons? 

A Journey Away from Darkness Toward More “ Light”. When I first heard this, I felt that it made so much sense. That’s exactly what is going on. These near-death experiences of many people reveal new information they received while “on the other side”. See for yourself all the presentations you can find on YouTube and in books. They report that we came here to learn how to love better. There are many lessons we can learn if we decide to.

We are Evolving Toward Love, the Highest Level. Our goal is to learn to love more and more, going higher and higher. This concerns forgiving others of what they have done to hurt us. We choose how to respond to every situation. Each response will bring us closer and closer to the growth we are seeking, or we can choose to stay at a stand-still. In responding to relationship problems or situations, no one can cause us to choose bad behavior of any sort. It is our own choice. The bottom line is that we individually choose our lives. We choose to progress toward the “Light” or choose the “darkness”.

This book helps us begin to see all situations, people, and events from a positive perspective.  



You Don’t’ Have to Suffer Anymore is not a religious book. However, this “gift” is the very same gift that is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Acts.  It is currently being called “channeling”.

I have heard many “prophet utterances” in the full gospel and Pentecostal churches. These people that have the “gift” feel as if they receive a few words or messages, then they speak out what came to their consciousness. These utterances are encouraging, loving, profound guidance that is unmistakable. When this takes place, it is usually after the entire congregation has sung a worship song from the heart. I have never seen this happen in the churches that use hymnals and simply sing. Only when the congregation is allowed to send up “vibes” of love and thanksgiving will this phenomenon occur.

A person can plainly see that the collective worship sends “good vibes”. You can feel this. Tears of happiness come to your eyes because a holy presence descends upon all the people. A spontaneous hush comes upon everyone. Even babies do not utter a sound.

Then, the words of comfort and instruction come from someone who has this spontaneous urge to speak. They are in control, they know what they are doing. This is not “the devil”, as the fearful old-timers used to say. This is a divine message to those present because they opened their hearts collectively.

On YouTube, you can find individuals that have this ability to “download”. Explore this. You will know when you hear the words spoken whether it sounds true or not.  Because of the profound words, knowledge, and guidance, life can change. Here are a few of the instructions which have been received:

1. You get what you think about. Whether you dwell on the bad, or sad, you will get more of what you dwell upon. Why? Because your thoughts have energy and vibration. Science DOES substantiate this!

2. You can recover from abuse when you stop yourself from rehearsing the bad things that happened.

3. You can become aware of what you are thinking and change the negative thoughts to more positive thoughts
4. Learning the science of Quantum Physics will give you knowledge that thoughts have power to create.

5. There really is a Creator, but not a man sitting on a throne with a long white beard.

6. You are a tiny portion, or fractal of the Creator.
• See the “Double Slit” experiment conducted in 1909.
• The Creator is like the “ocean”. Each human being is like a cup-full of that ocean.
• The ancient writings have told about all of us being “children” of a Creator. We have similar powers of creation.
• Our power of creation is within the use of our imagination.
• Every religion recorded tells that a creator said, “Let there be light”. As “children creators”, we say “Let there be more love in my life”, and there will be more love
• After we believe it is true, we visualize, and stay focused on receiving.

7. You can know for sure about how life works. But, the first step is allowance and acceptance.
• Allow the science to prove it
• Allow the other humans to tell you about how they came to know for sure about these things.
• Allow life experiences to prove it to you.
• Endeavor to give up senseless resistance to the truth and accept truth when it comes.

8. Your emotions are your creative genius. This is “energy in motion”.
. Scientifically, this is proven. Stop fighting against proven concepts.
• Your emotions are creating what you don’t want, also what you do want. So, use your emotions to create the good.
• Emotions cause experiences to come to you that are congruent with the emotion you produce. It is energy. Physics is the study of energy. It is proven scientifically that emotions send out “vibrations and draw to you what is congruent”. If you produce joyful emotions, more joy comes. If you produce angry emotions, more anger comes.

9. We are the cause.  It is the state of our consciousness that is responsible for the circumstances of our lives. Become aware of your reactions to life circumstances.