You Don’t Have to Clean Up Your Act Before Getting Help

How many knuckleheads have heard the message of spiritual enlightenment and turned away because the task of change was too great to get started on? These people think they must stop this and that BEFORE getting spiritual. This is a lie you tell yourself.

Can you imagine a father whose little boy is learning to walk and run? Do you think the father will tell the little guy to just stay away until he quits all that stumbling and falling? Absolutely not!!!! He will help him and give assistance as the baby is learning to balance himself and use his muscles. Have you seen the joy of the children when they finally begin walking and running?

Well, we are exactly like that to our Creator. For centuries we were told we are no good and should come crawling in shame and despair. This was a lie we were told. And we don’t have to believe it anymore! We are loved regardless of what has happened, or what we did. We are learning to live better lives!
So, dismiss thoughts of unworthiness! Don’t let those crazy beliefs come into your mind. It is totally untrue that we are ruined and unlovable! No matter what has happened to us. No matter what another human did to us! We are not “seen” as dirty and worthless. This was the creation of our own minds, not God’s.

It is sort of like this: We are on a journey down here to learn to love better. We are headed toward the Light. Hopefully, we are moving away from the darkness which we could choose. But, such a lowly choice! Why not choose life? Why not choose the Light? We can make choices about our lives. This is why we are here on this planet! Get a grip and discover these things for yourself.

We will find things out if we are searching. Turn of the dumb tv and search other sources. We don’t need entertainment! We don’t even need the negative news! We need healing! Search for healing, as if you are searching for hidden treasure. Ask to find the “hidden treasure” and you will find it! Keep your mind open all day every day. Don’t listen to the old timers who think they know it all. Just listen to your heart. Learn to hear from the spirit. Some people call it the “unseen realm”. You will know it is of God, you can feel it. You can tell. No one can fool you. You will know the positivity and feel the blessing of the truth when you hear it.

Did You Know You Are Upgrading Your Life?
Think back to when you were a baby. You were learning fine motor and gross motor skills every day. You were learning language. You were learning how to relate to other humans in relationships. Remember how you were told what to do and found that you had to follow directions? You discovered you had to depend upon others until you got skilled enough to be on your own. You learned to share your toys without lashing out at others. At least I hope you did. Are you still learning social graces and so forth? We have many social skills to develop. There are certain manners you needed. There were certain ways of behaving you had to learn.

Did you ever realize that if you refused to learn certain skills, the “lessons” kept getting harder and harder until you finally decided to get a grip? What about the skill of patience, for instance? When I was younger, I used to lose my cool and get so irate! Once I finally got out of college and took a teaching position as a speech therapist, I saw that I had to develop patience because getting angry and fussing at kids was NOT going to work! My college courses and practice teaching taught me many things about positive reinforcement and behavior training.

It was proven many years ago that negativity does not work!!! So, I made myself exert powerful self-control. I had to record every correct response in speech therapy. I had to give a certain fun token for every correct response given in therapy. I became expert at using only positive reactions. I read much of the research and teaching about this issue. So, believe me, I knew that I had to develop good skills in controlling behavior and eliciting correct responses!

Well, if behavioral scientists can figure out how valuable positive reinforcement is, do you think possibly that our Creator knew about this before the scientists figured it out? Do you think He probably utilizes this technique? Ugh, of course!

So, understand that the Creator is not mad! You are in the learning stages of life. You are going to goof up, but unconditional Love is right there to help you do better next time. When you get a “life lesson”, next time recognize that every situation can teach you something. Then, realize that if you don’t get this lesson, you will be repeating it over and over until you get it! That’s just the way life works. You might as well take a look at your life and see that it is true.
So, now that you know. How about getting on with the “program” and discover all the other stuff you need to know. Just ask, and the answers will show up.

There’s a YouTube presentation I heard of last year. A woman and her husband feel they can ask certain questions and “receive” answers. Well, I sure would love to be able to receive inspiration like that! Who am I to judge and condemn someone like that and say it is not true? I listened to see what the message said, and I was totally surprised. It seemed so true, so correct, so inspirational! I just couldn’t turn my back on that.

The angel said, “You hold the key to your own magnificence”. According to this presentation, we humans are going through a preparation to rid ourselves of baggage. We are receiving “attunements” to rid ourselves of impediments. So, we must notice what stage of development we are in. As we “upgrade” we let go of old emotions and reactions. We are learning to receive “inner knowing”. Check this out for yourself by going to “Arch Angel Michael”, by Ronna Herman on YouTube.

We all are in the process of developing spiritual sensitivity. The angel said once we have mastered the chatter of the mind and ego, we will be ready to grow exponentially. Well, I want to grow because I know it could mean a better life. I know that if I want a better life, you also want a better life. The question is this: Just how badly do we want this? Badly enough to burst out of our comfort zone?

My Divine Solution:

  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath.
  • Address your thought to your angel, or guide, or the Creator.
  • Say this:
    “I want to let go of old emotions and reactions. Thank you for showing me how. Thank you for letting me know when I am hanging onto the past and reacting poorly. I want to learn to use my imagination to visualize what I want instead of what I don’t want. I want to be able to recognize when I am learning a life lesson. Thank you for helping me do that.”

What Could Our Lives Have Been Like?

What Could Our Lives Have Been Like If We Had Known We Were Here to Learn Lessons?
Just think how life could have been so different if our parents and grandparents had known they were here to learn to love better! The ones who neglected us would have thought twice about what they were doing or not doing. We could have received more love and encouragement. I could have heard good words spoken to me instead of harshness I could have also known to speak better words to my own children I could have had initiative to use more patience and kindness I would have had more courage to do my best in life. But all we have is this now moment to change things.

I lived many years in what I thought was a doomed life. Circumstances were incredibly difficult to bear. Sadness and chaos were building up everywhere I turned. I had conflicts in relationships in many disappointments. Even onlookers were saying they thought I had a bad life. I would usually say, “Yeah someday I’ll write a book”. But who wants to read about a bunch of trouble?

Now it is time to discover how to change from chaos to peace.
I’ve learned about life lessons and how to heal from hardships and abuse. I also want to say that I know that our Creator does not drop bad stuff on us to teach a lesson! Contrary to what some religious old timers say, God is not choosing all those zaps we keep getting. Let’s say you lose a loved one in a wreck. Know it wasn’t God doing that. It was the idiot drunk guy who chose to drink and drive! You had to recover from grief and learn to go forward in life. There were many other things you may have learned but that does not mean God is orchestrating your schooling at the expense of your loved one’s life.

I think our lives would have been a quicker series of steps to higher conscious awareness if we had truly known what life is all about.  I found out a few things I needed to know and hopefully I can pass these onto you.

I will show you how you can bring yourself up higher from the depths of despair to joy and bliss one step at a time. It’s like a scope and sequence scale such as the math skills we teach children. For example, first you count objects, next you add objects, then subtract and multiply and divide and so forth, just one step at a time. If you learn to count, can you immediately go to multiplication? Ugh, no, you go step by step. One line is built on top of the other. This is true with our lessons in life.

We Somehow Stop Seeking the Answers to Our Questions
We don’t know how to tune in to messages “from above”. If you knew that you had an angelic message for you personally, would you pay attention, or would you tell the angel to back off? Of course, you would want to hear the message!!

The message to each one of us is that we are loved more than we can imagine, and out Creator is not mad at us! Humanity often avoids spiritual development because we think we must straighten up first. We think we must become perfect before even daring to listen to any messages that could possibly be from the “spirit realm” which some people call “heaven”.

The old folks used to say that all the revelation stuff is passed away. Well, where did they get that bright idea? Some man just made it up and started preaching it in churches. It is a false belief. Get rid of all false beliefs that you have as soon as you realize it. Replace it with the truth.

Here is how to get rid of false beliefs:
1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath
2. Look inside your being, your consciousness, your real self,
3. Say inside your mind: “I desire to know if I have any false beliefs that are interfering with my life.
4. When an idea comes to you, this is your “revelation” and you now know what false belief you have. Then replace it with the truth if you know it.

Some examples of false beliefs would be: “I’m no good. No one loves me. I am totally alone. Girls are not much good. I must deserve to be mistreated. I am bad. God doesn’t love me, I must be better before I can pray and ask for help.”


Thinking about the first steps to end suffering.



1. Have you ever heard about “near death experiences” people say they have had when they died and were resuscitated?

2. Did you know you are on a journey to the Light?  Near death experiencers tell us what happened to them before being brought back by doctors.  Check out YouTube for “Near Death Experiences”

3. Do you know WHY you are on a journey?  We are moving forward, learning how to handle life situations, learning to love better, be kinder, nicer…

4. Do you know that our religions of the past and present don’t tell us the whole story?  The people who return from their near-death  experience tell us they were informed of so much more.

5. Do you know WHY we are here on this planet? 

6. Do you know you have a soul that leaves the body when you kick the bucket? They say there’s really no death, and you feel so much better!

7. Do you know about the “soul review” you will experience after your death? They tell us there is a review of your life and what you still need to learn. Some people tell us we sort of “go to school” to catch up on a few things.

8. Do you know about Quantum Physics or  Quantum Mechanics? ? Do you know about the Double-Slit experiment? Do a little research into Google, or YouTube. Results to these experiences are amazing.

9. Have you heard about the idea that we are all connected”?  We are told that we are actually are brothers and sisters?

10. Have you ever heard that YOU are the creator of your reality?!  We create with the thoughts we think.

Important Step:  Take a moment to circle the questions you feel remain unanswered for you.

“We Can Evolve in a State of Joy and Inspiration.” — Dr. Joe Dispenza








Dr. Dispenza wrote “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”, said brain researchers discovered that our human nature causes us to wait until things are really bad and uncomfortable until we decide to make changes . Changing seems to be a painful thing that most humans avoid. We wait for a big crisis, horrible trauma, or a terrible loss or tragedy before we do something about making changes in our lives . It sounds to me that we are just lazy!

Why Wait Until You Lose the Wife and Kids?
Have you been familiar with how a guy might be drinking too much and causes monumental problems for the wife and children? He knows he needs to stop allowing alcohol to cause this problem. So, why does he wait until he loses the wife and kids?

Self-Control is Too Painful, I think I’ll Put it Off Until Later

Could it be that he believes controlling the urges to alcohol are too painful in the moment? Well, how painful is it when you get kicked out and the police called, then there’s court, then there’s the tension, then the divorce, then all the struggles. Wouldn’t it be much better to just face it head on?
It would be best to see that we need a change, and then set about making those changes right away!

I’m Just Hurting My Own Dang Self!

Behavioral scientists say that it takes about twenty-one consecutive days to create a new habit. We resist making positive changes by forgetting, or procrastinating, or self-sabotage of some sort . Don’t we know that we are only hurting ourselves and trying to keep the status quo instead of moving forward?  Behaviorists say we usually do this if we have a poor self-concept and low self-esteem.  John Asaraf, Founder and CEO of “Neurogym”, says that people who procrastinate are usually having trouble with low self-esteem. So, obviously building a better self-esteem is a worthy goal.

Later Never Comes!
Learning how to change our lives involves learning new things and then applying those new things we have learned . We have to decide to do it. It is just a decision. Like Asaraf indicates, many times, we try to do it “later”. Then “later” never comes. But, once you decide, then repetition is always the best teacher. Review what you need to know so that you can focus. Keep your mind on your new achievement and your new changes in behavior. Focus is the answer to this procrastination problem. I used to be full of excitement to achieve certain things, but I would sort of get lost. My goal seemed to fly right out the window. Only later, I realized I “dropped the ball” because of lack of focus.

Where I  Direct  My Attention, This is Where My  Energy Goes.

Have you ever heard of The Observer Effect ? Quantum physics says that where you direct your attention, this is where your energy goes.  Physics is the study of energy. This means that when we learn to keep a focus on what is wanted in our lives, the brain does not distinguish the difference between what is focused upon and what is actually happening in reality.

My Desire Becomes Magnetized
So, if we mentally rehearse a desired event, we experience the emotions of the desire. And besides that, we feel the emotions BEFORE we actually experience the desire appearing! This is what causes the manifestation of your desire to become magnetized to you. This is a new way of explaining the old-fashioned methods of “faith” straight out of the Bible.

Hmmm, What Would Happen If I Change?

So, putting our changes off would prove to be detrimental and even tragic. Its like self-sabotage. Why do we procrastinate? Many times, it’s because our new goal seems insurmountable and we don’t believe we have what it takes to get things done successfully. Maybe be believe it is too difficult and it “appears” to be too much trouble. But, what about the trouble your present situation is causing at this very moment?

Start thinking about all the rewards that could come to your if you did change. Could you be happier? Could life get easier? Would you have more of what you want and need? Think on these things and the procrastination has to go!

How do we keep our attention on what we want? Write it down on a 3 x 5 index card and look at it several times a day and think of how you will feel when this desired thing or situation comes to your life. Feel those emotions now. Feel it!  This is the key.
How many times have we failed to move forward with our accomplishments because we did not keep the focus of the thing we desire? Many times, the emotional pain we carry causes us to take our minds off what we want. We then begin to focus on what we don’t want! So, we must realize how imperative it is to become aware of what we are doing to ourselves when we take focus off our dreams and goals. Self-awareness is key. We must be aware of what we are thinking!

You Gotta Be Kidding!
“Both experimental and clinical psychology have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the human nervous system cannot tell the difference between an actual experience and an experience imagined vividly and in detail. ” Maltz, Maxwell (2015-11-03). “Psycho-Cybernetics”: Updated and Expanded (Kindle Locations 259-260).

Imagine that! Our brain can’t tell the difference between an experience and a vividly imagined experience! Hmmm. We could get busy with some great visualizations to help overcome the painful experiences of childhood.

Divine solution: Take a deep breath, close your eyes, concentrate: Take a moment in the morning, before rising, to think and feel good about the plans for the day.  Send up gratitude for a successful day. Visualize this, using feelings.  Focus on what you do want. Make yourself quit seeing negative scenarios!