What Could Our Lives Have Been Like?

What Could Our Lives Have Been Like If We Had Known We Were Here to Learn Lessons?
Just think how life could have been so different if our parents and grandparents had known they were here to learn to love better! The ones who neglected us would have thought twice about what they were doing or not doing. We could have received more love and encouragement. I could have heard good words spoken to me instead of harshness I could have also known to speak better words to my own children I could have had initiative to use more patience and kindness I would have had more courage to do my best in life. But all we have is this now moment to change things.

I lived many years in what I thought was a doomed life. Circumstances were incredibly difficult to bear. Sadness and chaos were building up everywhere I turned. I had conflicts in relationships in many disappointments. Even onlookers were saying they thought I had a bad life. I would usually say, “Yeah someday I’ll write a book”. But who wants to read about a bunch of trouble?

Now it is time to discover how to change from chaos to peace.
I’ve learned about life lessons and how to heal from hardships and abuse. I also want to say that I know that our Creator does not drop bad stuff on us to teach a lesson! Contrary to what some religious old timers say, God is not choosing all those zaps we keep getting. Let’s say you lose a loved one in a wreck. Know it wasn’t God doing that. It was the idiot drunk guy who chose to drink and drive! You had to recover from grief and learn to go forward in life. There were many other things you may have learned but that does not mean God is orchestrating your schooling at the expense of your loved one’s life.

I think our lives would have been a quicker series of steps to higher conscious awareness if we had truly known what life is all about.  I found out a few things I needed to know and hopefully I can pass these onto you.

I will show you how you can bring yourself up higher from the depths of despair to joy and bliss one step at a time. It’s like a scope and sequence scale such as the math skills we teach children. For example, first you count objects, next you add objects, then subtract and multiply and divide and so forth, just one step at a time. If you learn to count, can you immediately go to multiplication? Ugh, no, you go step by step. One line is built on top of the other. This is true with our lessons in life.

We Somehow Stop Seeking the Answers to Our Questions
We don’t know how to tune in to messages “from above”. If you knew that you had an angelic message for you personally, would you pay attention, or would you tell the angel to back off? Of course, you would want to hear the message!!

The message to each one of us is that we are loved more than we can imagine, and out Creator is not mad at us! Humanity often avoids spiritual development because we think we must straighten up first. We think we must become perfect before even daring to listen to any messages that could possibly be from the “spirit realm” which some people call “heaven”.

The old folks used to say that all the revelation stuff is passed away. Well, where did they get that bright idea? Some man just made it up and started preaching it in churches. It is a false belief. Get rid of all false beliefs that you have as soon as you realize it. Replace it with the truth.

Here is how to get rid of false beliefs:
1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath
2. Look inside your being, your consciousness, your real self,
3. Say inside your mind: “I desire to know if I have any false beliefs that are interfering with my life.
4. When an idea comes to you, this is your “revelation” and you now know what false belief you have. Then replace it with the truth if you know it.

Some examples of false beliefs would be: “I’m no good. No one loves me. I am totally alone. Girls are not much good. I must deserve to be mistreated. I am bad. God doesn’t love me, I must be better before I can pray and ask for help.”