According to the “downloads” many gifted channelers are having, here are some of the lessons we can learn which will change our lives.  These lessons are obtained through various spiritual connections with Ascended Masters and Higher beings.  One cannot deny these points are positive and something a “Higher” more evolved being would say.  Check your heart, ask if this could be true.   These Higher Beings who give these messages are from Abraham, Jesus, Saint Germaine and others.

1. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

2. Dispose of negative beliefs of un-deservingness.  They are telling us that we cannot be unworthy.  We are simply here learning lessons which we choose to learn.

3. Focus on getting increasingly better with love and forgiveness for yourself and others.

4. You feel bad when you judge other people. The emotion you feel as “bad” is an indicator that this judgment you are making is not what the Divine feels about this person.  So let go of judging.

5. Discipline and train your mind to let go of negative thoughts. Your negativity draws to you more negativity just like a magnet.

6. Begin to see all situations, people, and events from a positive perspective such as understanding that all people are valuable because each person is a spark of God whether they know it or not.  Search for a hidden value in all things.  We are being told that we are actual brothers and sisters.  All people, with different color, different beliefs, different economic status are all loved and valued. So, we must develop sensitivity to others and even the animals because we are all valuable.

7. All people are on their own journey to the Light, whether they know it or not.

The Contrast


We came to earth to observe the contrast. This refers to the difference between the good and the bad. Have you heard all the stories about the devil? What about demons? A long time ago, we had no education, no science, no newspapers, no phone, no Internet, no books or radio or television. How could teachers in the ancient days tell about the good and the bad? We didn’t know much back then.

According to the people who have had near death experiences, they report being informed that we chose this life for the purpose of accomplishing certain learning experiences. These experiences of life are for growth and spiritual development. We have choices here on earth so that we can gain experiences of life which cause us spiritual growth. We chose what life would be like before we started this life. We chose our parents because of the lessons we wanted to learn in this lifetime.

A Journey Away from Darkness Toward More “ Light”
When I first heard this, I felt that it made so much sense. That’s exactly what is going on. These near-death experiences of many people reveal new information they received while “on the other side”. See for yourself all the presentations you can find on YouTube and in books. They report that we came here to learn how to love better. There are many lessons we can learn if we decide to.

We are Evolving Toward Love, the Highest Level
Our goal is to learn to love more and more, going higher and higher. This concerns forgiving others of what they have done to hurt us. We choose how to respond to every situation. Each response will bring us closer and closer to the growth we are seeking, or we can choose to stay at a stand-still. In responding to relationship problems or situations, no one can cause us to choose bad behavior of any sort. It is our own choice. The bottom line is that we individually choose our lives. We choose to progress toward the “Light” or choose the “darkness”.

Let’s take children, for instance, one of the first things they learn is to share. Have you seen such behavior? Kids have many squabbles as they experience the “opportunity” to choose to share. This lesson comes up over and over until they begin to understand the pain of not sharing is greater than the sharing.
Ask yourself if you hold the following beliefs:
• I am not lovable
• I am not smart
• I am poor
• I am unable to get a job
• I can’t love like I should
• I can’t forgive like I should

From “the outside,” a person violated you, hurt you, used you, was unkind or unfair. Did you create the belief that you must be “worthy” of this mistreatment? When you see the continued drama in your life, it is an accurate reflection of your beliefs. When you accept this drama, realize that you created the belief.

“I am no longer as good as everyone else since such and such happened”.
When you accept the belief, it moves it from outside to inside. It is from this “inside” that you change the belief. Powerlessness Is believing that something outside of yourself must change before you can be happy. Your happiness lies within you only, not in another person, or circumstances, or the other person’s behavior.

Self-fulfilling prophecy. When you believe no one loves you because of your unworthiness, you will see life turns out that way. It’s like something inside tells you, “See there I told you no one loves me”. It all started with abuse. Then you began to believe the lie that you were worthy of being hit, rejected, and neglected. After you began to believe the lies, more dramas came that matched your belief. This is the way life is when you believe the way you believe.

Divine solution: Close your eyes, concentrate. “Pretend” as if you are speaking to your guardian angel, or guide, or God. Say this:
“I desire to know more about how spiritual things really are. I want any incorrect beliefs to be revealed to me somehow. Then I want to believe only the truth.” This is how you “ask” for Divine help.


Well, I didn’t know that we ourselves have power to create! Create what? Create how? I thought only God could create anything and we are just small, weak beings. I heard countless sermons that if I obeyed all the rules, I could ask for help from the supernatural. However, this belief leaves a person with the idea that to have any help from God, you must become perfect, or near perfect. This would mean not speaking bad words, no smoking, no drinking, no lies, no angry thoughts, no laziness and so forth. If you fall short, you’re out of luck! The automatic guilt you feel will interfere with and short circuit the answer to your prayer request!

When you “believe” you are unworthy, then how can you have to “faith” you need to receive answers to your prayers? Just read the book by Kenneth E. Hagin called, “Authority of the Believer”. His revelations received from the “spirit realm” are fascinating.

Of course, you can ask forgiveness but there’s always the guilt thing, I didn’t feel free to stay hooked up and in tune because of the sin consciousness. In church we were told constantly that we were a bunch of sinners and are guilty. It was just an internal belief I had acquired because of the guilt I felt resulting from abuse. My belief was that I was not worthy of good things! I was told about sin over and over. So, there I was, just reacting to circumstances. My life circumstances were terrible!

No one really knew about the Law of Attraction. I read The Secret, by Rhonda Burne. The book gave a great basic explanation I needed to know. I discovered that I kept mentally focused on what I didn’t want! Then, I would have even more of what I didn’t want!

But now I know to focus on what I do want! I found out about the use of my own focus of attention when I heard about Esther Hicks and how she “received” messages from Abraham. I don’t know if you have heard of Abraham, but if you will dare to hear this, you will be able to see for yourself that exceptional wisdom is coming from this source. You will know that you know when you hear truth.

Don’t Focus on the Absence of What You Want
For instance, how many times have you wished circumstances were different? Do you visualize the life you want with a feeling of its absence? Do you dream of having better things, situations, people in your life with tears? This means you are focusing on the ABSENCE of what you want. Therefore, you are actually “creating” more of what you don’t want!

So, change that feeling of absence of what is wanted, to a feeling of having these things on the way! Check out how that feels! There are no tears now, no feeling of the absence! You now are happy and joyful because you know it is on the way. This is what is called, “faith”.

But first, you must understand the truth about your beliefs concerning whether God is mad at you. He is revealing to people all over the world that He is not mad! He has already forgiven us because we are “little” children down here trying to learn to love better. The messages reported by many people with near death experiences, state that our very own guilt interferes with our receiving prayers answered!

When we find out the truth, then we can stick with it.  Did you ever hear that the truth will set you free? Free from what? Free from thinking and believing wrong beliefs! It is our own incorrect beliefs that interfere with our receiving help from the “unseen realm”.

MY PRAYER: Close your eyes, concentrate. Pretend as if you are speaking to your guardian angel, or guide, or God. Say this:
“If I have any beliefs which are interfering with my better life, I ask that I may become aware of this so that I can change them. When something comes to my mind, I will write it here and contemplate it.”

You are Creating Your Own Life, Even the Pain

Thinking about the first steps to end suffering.
According to ancient scriptures and prophetic utterances, we must acknowledge the emotional pain. I heard about an “ascended master” called “Saint Germain”. He said, “What your attention is upon, you become. What your attention is upon, you make it your reality.” Have you ever noticed that if your heart has sorrow, and you dwell upon this emotion, you feel worse and worse? Can you see that his above statement is true? We recognize truth when we hear it.

Our negative perspective about life is a “miscreation” of our own doing! How can this be? It appears as if it is someone else’s miscreation and we are the innocent victims! But here’s the main revelation: We can choose our reaction to abuse. Do we sink down into despair? Do we suddenly lose our self-worth and feel that everyone else is better and we are now damaged and worthless?

The answer is that we can overcome everything!  We can rise above this. We can choose to feel differently and wash this pain out of our lives!
How Do You Cleanse Your Life from Destruction and Pain?

• When you feel the anger, or guilt, or sadness, say, “I no longer want this miscreation in my life. I desire it to be out of my life!”

• Say, “I want to rise above this. I want all the negative emotions to be replaced by positive emotions.”

• “ I ask the Creator and the angles to assist me in learning how to do this. And I thank you, I love you, and I will be listening for answers to show up in my life.”

• Then, when an idea comes to you, realize it is not an accident. Think upon this answer, it is a “revelation” to you.

When we go through our day and we see certain situations that make us mad or make us sad, don’t just observe the situation and experience the sadness again and again! Notice what you are feeling. Then we must stop experiencing the pain! Make yourself do it.  Replace negative thoughts with better ones.

Don’t review the past over and over. Let the past be in the past, not in the present moment, or else the present moment becomes filled with pain!
See how you yourself are causing the painful memory to arise within you? You did it, you allowed the memory and pain to rise back up again and again. You have the power to dismiss that pain. Did you know you have power to do this?

Imagine taking the hurt and pain out of your heart. Pretend to somehow grab hold, take them out, put them into an imaginary bag in your mind. These visualizations work! These things might sound as if they’re silly. But this is the way we create! The new revelations being taught to people say this is truly how we begin to conquer our pain.

So, we must stop visualizing what we DON’T want in our minds. If you see the scenario over and over and over in your mind such as someone shouting at you, being mean to you, or hurting you in some way or another, if you see that over and over in your mind you are miscreating again and again and again. You are building more and more anger in your heart. Get the anger out! Each time you experience these negative emotions, become aware of it. Do not let it fester. With no one else knowing, just secretly look up at the sky, or into the trees, or shut your eyes. Visualize throwing away the pain, unforgiveness, and all negativity so that you may be healed of it.

My Vision
One day I was hurting quite a bit. I was grieving about how I had been mistreated by someone in my family in the U.S. They had hurt me very deeply because of their own pain and mis-creations they harbored inside their mind. I suffered many years of abuse and rejection and disrespect. I was visiting Morocco in a little village, listening to a beautiful inspired song during Ramadan when I could feel a wonderful healing presence there with me.
I closed my eyes and could see an image of an angel standing in front of me with a bag, holding it by handles. I instinctively knew that I was being asked to take out the hurt from my heart and place it into the bag. I did do that, one hurt at a time with tears streaming down my face. Then, I noticed a pathway behind the angel which seemed to reveal to me that whenever I took all the hurt out from my life, I would be able to go forward onto my path in life. For three days, every time I closed my eyes, I could see this angel holding the bag. Wow! Imagine that, a real vision! I thought visions meant you “see” with your eyes open. But my eyes were closed, yet I vividly could see this scenario in my head.
I felt that this vision was telling me to get all the pain out, then I could be enabled to proceed forward into my purpose, finally. I apparently cannot move into my “purpose” until I overcome my pain and suffering. So, if this is true for me, it must also be true for you also.

So, let’s move forward to be all we are created to be. Let’s overcome these abusive situations and find our purpose in life.

My Prayer: “Oh God, I know you love me. I know I have been in painful situations. I want to be healed of all the negative effects of abuse and negativity. Tell me what to do about these things. I will listen and heed the guidance I am given so that I can overcome all the pain. Thank you for sending me help.”

You Don’t Have to Clean Up Your Act Before Getting Help

How many knuckleheads have heard the message of spiritual enlightenment and turned away because the task of change was too great to get started on? These people think they must stop this and that BEFORE getting spiritual. This is a lie you tell yourself.

Can you imagine a father whose little boy is learning to walk and run? Do you think the father will tell the little guy to just stay away until he quits all that stumbling and falling? Absolutely not!!!! He will help him and give assistance as the baby is learning to balance himself and use his muscles. Have you seen the joy of the children when they finally begin walking and running?

Well, we are exactly like that to our Creator. For centuries we were told we are no good and should come crawling in shame and despair. This was a lie we were told. And we don’t have to believe it anymore! We are loved regardless of what has happened, or what we did. We are learning to live better lives!
So, dismiss thoughts of unworthiness! Don’t let those crazy beliefs come into your mind. It is totally untrue that we are ruined and unlovable! No matter what has happened to us. No matter what another human did to us! We are not “seen” as dirty and worthless. This was the creation of our own minds, not God’s.

It is sort of like this: We are on a journey down here to learn to love better. We are headed toward the Light. Hopefully, we are moving away from the darkness which we could choose. But, such a lowly choice! Why not choose life? Why not choose the Light? We can make choices about our lives. This is why we are here on this planet! Get a grip and discover these things for yourself.

We will find things out if we are searching. Turn of the dumb tv and search other sources. We don’t need entertainment! We don’t even need the negative news! We need healing! Search for healing, as if you are searching for hidden treasure. Ask to find the “hidden treasure” and you will find it! Keep your mind open all day every day. Don’t listen to the old timers who think they know it all. Just listen to your heart. Learn to hear from the spirit. Some people call it the “unseen realm”. You will know it is of God, you can feel it. You can tell. No one can fool you. You will know the positivity and feel the blessing of the truth when you hear it.

Did You Know You Are Upgrading Your Life?
Think back to when you were a baby. You were learning fine motor and gross motor skills every day. You were learning language. You were learning how to relate to other humans in relationships. Remember how you were told what to do and found that you had to follow directions? You discovered you had to depend upon others until you got skilled enough to be on your own. You learned to share your toys without lashing out at others. At least I hope you did. Are you still learning social graces and so forth? We have many social skills to develop. There are certain manners you needed. There were certain ways of behaving you had to learn.

Did you ever realize that if you refused to learn certain skills, the “lessons” kept getting harder and harder until you finally decided to get a grip? What about the skill of patience, for instance? When I was younger, I used to lose my cool and get so irate! Once I finally got out of college and took a teaching position as a speech therapist, I saw that I had to develop patience because getting angry and fussing at kids was NOT going to work! My college courses and practice teaching taught me many things about positive reinforcement and behavior training.

It was proven many years ago that negativity does not work!!! So, I made myself exert powerful self-control. I had to record every correct response in speech therapy. I had to give a certain fun token for every correct response given in therapy. I became expert at using only positive reactions. I read much of the research and teaching about this issue. So, believe me, I knew that I had to develop good skills in controlling behavior and eliciting correct responses!

Well, if behavioral scientists can figure out how valuable positive reinforcement is, do you think possibly that our Creator knew about this before the scientists figured it out? Do you think He probably utilizes this technique? Ugh, of course!

So, understand that the Creator is not mad! You are in the learning stages of life. You are going to goof up, but unconditional Love is right there to help you do better next time. When you get a “life lesson”, next time recognize that every situation can teach you something. Then, realize that if you don’t get this lesson, you will be repeating it over and over until you get it! That’s just the way life works. You might as well take a look at your life and see that it is true.
So, now that you know. How about getting on with the “program” and discover all the other stuff you need to know. Just ask, and the answers will show up.

There’s a YouTube presentation I heard of last year. A woman and her husband feel they can ask certain questions and “receive” answers. Well, I sure would love to be able to receive inspiration like that! Who am I to judge and condemn someone like that and say it is not true? I listened to see what the message said, and I was totally surprised. It seemed so true, so correct, so inspirational! I just couldn’t turn my back on that.

The angel said, “You hold the key to your own magnificence”. According to this presentation, we humans are going through a preparation to rid ourselves of baggage. We are receiving “attunements” to rid ourselves of impediments. So, we must notice what stage of development we are in. As we “upgrade” we let go of old emotions and reactions. We are learning to receive “inner knowing”. Check this out for yourself by going to “Arch Angel Michael”, by Ronna Herman on YouTube.

We all are in the process of developing spiritual sensitivity. The angel said once we have mastered the chatter of the mind and ego, we will be ready to grow exponentially. Well, I want to grow because I know it could mean a better life. I know that if I want a better life, you also want a better life. The question is this: Just how badly do we want this? Badly enough to burst out of our comfort zone?

My Divine Solution:

  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath.
  • Address your thought to your angel, or guide, or the Creator.
  • Say this:
    “I want to let go of old emotions and reactions. Thank you for showing me how. Thank you for letting me know when I am hanging onto the past and reacting poorly. I want to learn to use my imagination to visualize what I want instead of what I don’t want. I want to be able to recognize when I am learning a life lesson. Thank you for helping me do that.”